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18. Januar 2010
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Helnwein’s installation „Ninth November Night“ on the square in front of the New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv
Gottfried Helnwein’s works will be on display on the occasion of the premiere of Hanoch Levin's opera "The Child Dreams"
Tel Aviv, 15 January 2010 – The New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv opens the 2010 season with the newly commissioned production „The Child Dreams“ by Hanoch Levin. Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein designed the lighting, stage scenery, and costumes for this Israeli opera production. As of 18 January, the installation „Ninth November Night“ by Helnwein will be on display on the square in front of the Opera in Tel Aviv for three weeks. According to the artist, the installation was „created as in memory of the ,Night of the Broken Glass’ in 1938“.
Ninth November Night
Installation, 2010
The installation, first exhibited between the Ludwig Museum and the Cologne Cathedral along the railway track of the central train station on 9 November 1988 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the November pogroms of 1938, consists of a 100m-long series of large-scale pictures of children's faces, as if lined up for selection. These are images of Christian, Jewish, and disabled children who lived in Germany at the time (1988). The first poster is white and contains a single word: "Selektion". For the current exhibition, images of Israeli children living in Israel in 2010 were added to the installation.
The installation „Ninth November Night“ by Gottfried Helnwein, consisting of 24 vinyl prints of the children’s portraits measuring 4 x 2.5 meters will be on display until mid-February 2010 on the square in front of the opera in Tel Aviv, Shaul HaMelech Street, and will be sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tel Aviv.
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