1. Juli 2003
Gottfried Helnwein, Children
Trevor Brown, Gottfried Helnwein
While Brown shares many interests with the surrealist Hans Bellmer (dolls, lolitas and bondage), the only other analogies within the world of contemporary art can be found in the early watercolours portraying bandaged children by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein and in the freak children sculptures by the Chapman brothers, besides the few artists (including Damien Hirst and Mark Ryden) that Brown declared to esteem. (excerpt)
Beautiful Victim II
watercolor on cardboard, 1974, 102 x 73 cm / 40 x 28''
Beautiful Victim I
watercolor on cardboard, 1974, 53 x 73 cm / 20 x 28''
Crocodile Rock
watercolor on cardboard, 1978, 90 x 60 cm / 35 x 23''
Roter Mund (Red Mouth)
watercolor on cardboard, 1978, 98 x 71 cm / 38 x 27''

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