21. Mai 2003
gottfried helnwein ...that is the coolest fucking icon...
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Пишет brittle woman ([info]aroica)
@ 2003-05-20 14:12:00
oh my god im fucking going CRAZY here. my boss just turned into a total douche bag overnight.
all hes doing is running around going from person to person reaming them out. now we've got to make lists of every task we perform. i've spent all morning cringing every time he walks by. ive totally got a stomach ache now. we know hes planning on cleaning house. theres just no other explanation for it. collecting unemployment doesnt sound so bad right about now.
also..i've suddenly become really moody and sad. i think this is because i have a really strong feeling that something bad is going to happen. the feeling is so strong im actually feeling sick about it.
anyway...i do special favor for anyone who could score me an extra cramps ticket today but im sure thats not going to happen.
(Добавить комментарий) [info]jackgriffin
2003-05-20 13:08 (ссылка)
Oh no, are they playing again tonight?!?! I wish I didn't know that... but they're prolly sold out, right? Feh.
2003-05-20 16:07 (ссылка)
yup. irving plaza and yea its sold out :...(
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2003-05-21 17:53 (ссылка)
yeah that would be me seems i have forgotten how to log on.
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2003-05-21 17:52 (ссылка)
that is the coolest fucking icon...
just thought i'd say hey and that i'm sure you're job isn't lost......
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