1. Dezember 2006
noctaluca 2
Control Freak Ave. Cincinnati, OH, 45201, USA
Helnwein: it is virtually impossible to wrap my tiny arms around this guy's legacy.
Listen. I tried very hard to think up both a concise and comprehensive bio about Gottfried Helnwein, the artist whose work is featured exclusively throughout our debut album, but it is virtually impossible to wrap my tiny arms around this guy's legacy in one email. And it'd be an insult to try. So I'll just say the following, and let your pending curiosty to explore his body of work speak the rest: Mark my words, someday Helnwein will immortally reside in art history textbooks, right next to Van Gogh and Warhol.
"Helnwein is the most important living painter."
Sean Penn (actor, director)
"Gottfried Helnwein is my mentor - on any artistic thing I've done.
His fight for expression and stance against oppression are reasons why I chose him as an artistic partner. An artist that doesn't provoke will be invisible. Art that doesn't cause strong emotions has no meaning. Helnwein has that internalized."
Marilyn Manson (musician, artist)
"Helnwein is a genius!"
Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor, gubbunaytah)
I didn't know what the album art should look like, except I knew I wanted a painter. After endless weeks of googling every possible word in the English language next to "oil on canvas" this was the image that caught my soul's eye. From there I found more of his work that spoke to the soul and the overiding theme of this album. When I asked Mr. Helnwein if he would allow us to use various works of his, he graciously said yes without any beauracracy or hesitation, and he very much dug our music. We are honored to have his touchingly haunting images be the visual mediator of our sound. That an artist of his caliber and stature could be so generous with his work is truly a blessing for us, and a testament to his humble character.
Do yourself a favor. Take a few moments and enjoy some real art. And yes, in the mixed media section, those ARE indeed paintings!!! Not photos. I know, unbelievable.

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