13. Februar 2011
la fille in the nyc
Gottfried Helnwein and The Human Condition
I think everyone should be aware of his art.
Ultimately, Helnwein's art explores the human condition through pain, fear and the forces of war. It is visceral and unnerving. Because Helnwein grew up in a post-war German speaking country, much of his art references the Holocaust (for example, in his recreation of the famous "Adoration of the Magi," the infant Jesus is surrounded by five SS officers). His work is so controversial that, unfortunately, it has been protested, defamed and even confiscated by the police.
I am going to post about Helnwein on both my Buzznet account as well as here. I think everyone should be aware of his art.
Gottfried Helnwein is an Austrian artist known for his hyper-realist paintings depicting wounded children, meant to symbolize innocence as well as society's exploitation of this virtue. They encapsulate the purity and unassuming wisdom of children marred by war, poverty and corruption.

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