1. Januar 2004
Posted by: Keith Russell
Modern Art - A Skeptical View
Good afternoon. Helnwein is combining large scale paintings into installations, and photographic series with paintings, which almost become film-like when viewed together. I view his work (as a whole) as extremely modern, even 'cutting edge'. Yet, he works in acrylics and oils, primarily. This is photorealism, and of a very high degree. (Yet the work is not about technique at all. It is about concept--this is conceptual art, as I believe it can and should be.) The medium is not the message.
Posted by: Classical Vince
Hey K. Loved his work! WOW.
You are right, this is very modern. But did you notice he still produces easily accessible images? Things we all can understand. Classical work relies on representations from life. In that sense, this work has classical influence. No blobs of paint...actual objects we want to touch with our eyes.
Posted by: Keith Russell
Vince, his work is represenational, yes. But it is not realism, at least not realism in the sense I believe you use the word.
(I could be wrong...)
Much of Helnwein's work is based on photographs taken years ago--photographs that the artist did not take.
The images are often chosen and/or arranged for their conceptual power.
This is absolutely not technique for technique's sake. This is technique serving a specific vision.

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