1. Januar 2002
Applied research on art and technology
The workshop was arranged by PLAY: Applied research on art and technology at the Viktoria Institute, Sweden
Michael Nitsche
"Watch Your Music"
H.R. Giger, Helnwein, Disney, Bob Dylan
"Watch Your Music" is like interactive MTV on your own private computer. Like music CDs as sound tracks, there will be world CDs as graphic tracks. And a lot of artist from pop business, film, painting, architecture ... can create own worlds, which, of course, mirror their art and their point of view. There may be worlds from H.R. Giger, the Spice Girls, Helnwein, Disney, Bob Dylan, worlds relating to van Gogh, Warhol, Picasso, Beuys ... worlds which are based on real existing places (ocean world, moon world ...), or based on movies (cartoon world, western world ...)
"Watch Your Music" is like interactive MTV on your own private computer.
You are the one who decides the kind of video you want to
see along with any desired songs. This is done through a program
splitted in two main parts, which should be very easy to handle. It
offers a combination of artistic musical work as well as artistic
graphical work. The program will be delivered on CD-ROM or DVD and
consists of two main modules. "Interpretation and transmission" is
the "theme" of this idea. It all about interpreting music and transfer
the interpretation to the world of graphics. I think, the question of
"interpretation" is an essential one in the future of interactive
entertainment. Offering enormous access to a lot of information via
very fast and new technology is not entertaining in itself. But a new
way of interpreting this info - or more general: of looking at the
world - will be very interesting. We use the computer as a medium
between sound and music - explicitly as a "multimedia machine". That
is why I think this idea is very computer appropriate and therefore
fitting for this media.

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